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     What prints do we leave? What marks show after we are gone? Are they physical marks? Are they memories or emotional marks? 

      A footprint in beach sand is washed away almost instantly. A dam in a river changes its course and ecosystem permanently. A memory lasts a long time and can be kept alive by passing it on to others. Every interaction with another person leaves some sort of impression. 

     These thoughts were inspired by a project for a friend. While contemplating a suitable decoration for him, these thoughts came to me. He works with the land, gets mud on his boots and lets it squish between his toes. He leaves his mark on the landscape. 

     We all have the opportunity to choose which marks and impressions we leave. We can participate in conservation. We can try to just be nice to others. We can teach our children not to litter. We can plant trees or a garden. We can help someone in need. Some of these prints will seem small, but may last forever. 

      You will start to see footprints on my upcoming projects. These footprints are a reminder to me and to those few who read this to beware what prints we leave. They are a symbol of my mark being made and the quality of my products.

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