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Bag Dimensions are 20" Long / 12" Wide / 12" Deep


The ChrisCrafted Timeless Weekender Bag stands as a testament to both enduring fashion sensibility and unwavering durability. Its name hints at a lasting appeal that goes beyond its striking appearance, embodying rugged strength and timeless style.


Constructed meticulously, each bag is a showcase of premium full-grain leather, celebrated for its exceptional quality that only improves with age. The exterior boasts an air of sophistication, while the interior is lined with a robust fabric featuring complementary prints, blending artistry with resilience.


Practicality is seamlessly integrated into the design. The bag features a zippered front pocket for quick access and a spacious main compartment capable of accommodating all your essentials. With a removable, comfortably padded strap, the weight is evenly distributed, leaving your hands free to navigate effortlessly. The inclusion of sturdy leather handles adds not only style but also a convenient alternative grip.


Opt for style and durability with the ChrisCrafted Timeless Weekender Bag, your ideal travel companion. Embrace your next adventure fully equipped with a blend of elegance and sturdiness that redefines your journeys.

Timeless Weekender Bag

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